Risk Analysis and Assessment

 Risk Analysis and Assessment is developing a practical security strategy by weighing risk against performance and cost. In a nutshell, an increase in security usually means higher cost attributed to more or better network and system hardware, more software and hardware to support, administrators that have more experience in IT Security or the addition of more IT Security Personnel. Any or all of this combined has the potential to degrade network performance and even create more vulnerabilities or holes than previously existed.

New virus, Trojans, worms, and vulnerabilities emerge every day. Has your IT team been able to keep up with the upgrades involved to fix those daily vulnerabilities? More than likely, they are too busy trying to keep the various departments satisfied with the networks performance, and solving other common problems such as account lock-outs. RHP Studios offers risk analysis and assessment for your networks so you know exactly where your networks security stands. We are able to pinpoint the risks involved with your network, and assess the impact fixing or not fixing those risks may have to your budget.

The end result is to help your company make wise purchasing decisions when upgrading your networks security with the least financial impact.

Key Services

  • Network Discovery which identifies all components, hardware, and software on your network in a graphical network map for easy viewing of your network.
  • Cost Analysis that lets you see cost comparison verses the added security benefits.
  • Threat Analysis that provides dynamic analysis of internal verses external threats.
  • Vulnerability Analysis that identifies vulnerabilities in the various network components, hardware, and software.
  • Impact Analysis identifies critical systems that are most at risk and provides financial impact to the company pertaining to the systems attack or failure.

Key Benefits

  • enables business and IT managers through the use of detailed and graphical reports to assess network security risk using a cost comparison vs. added benefits analysis which lets them determine financial business impact in case of attack or failure.
  • Keeps IT budget in check by fixing those security vulnerabilities now that have the most financial impact to the business if there were a security attack or failure and keeps IT departments from using manpower to fix lower threat level or irrelevant vulnerabilities to the companies infrastructure.

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