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 There are times when clients ask us about software and hardware they are contemplating purchasing for their use and they are not sure if the product is right for the intended purpose. RHP Studios is knowledgeable in most hardware and software, but not every piece of hardware and software available. For a small fee, RHP Studios will install such hardware and software on our test network and analyze it to its fullest extent. We will provide a full report of our findings compared to your verbal expectations or compared to any printed articles review. The reason we offer this service is simple: Pick up any computer related magazine and read it from cover to cover. Read all articles and advertisements. Now, really read all articles and advertisements. Based on what you just read, did you notice anything different? Yep, you are correct in that Publishing Companies and Editors believe we are all stupid, i.e. those with the bigger or most advertisements get the best reviews. In this day and age, products do not sell themselves by reputation alone. If you can design or create some product and you have unlimited depth to your advertising budget, you certainly have a sure fire winner at review time.

Where did honesty go?

(Added October 1, 2000)

Because of certain email received, I am going to make a statement: "The opening paragraph has not been changed since it went online. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions concerning the opening paragraph. I personally tell it like it is in real life, and this carries over to my everyday work. I have nothing to hide. Sometimes truth can be painful, but I personally would rather have honest pain served to me any day of the week than to have dishonesty and lies. A little bit of pain won't last near as long as missing trust! I did not ever mention any products or publishers in particular, though someone obviously must have a guilty conscious. I do not claim that any one in particular or all publishing companies or their reporters or their editors are dishonest in their reviews. The statements I DO STAND BEHIND are based on MY EXPERIENCES from merchandise I HAVE PURCHASED solely due to highly POSITIVE magazine reviews, PERIOD. After purchasing merchandise based on various positive reviews, I can honestly say that a great deal of these reviews were highly over-rated in the products performance, at least on my specific machines, which I might add surpassed the minimum operating requirements of the products. To me, this is similar to some of those late-night info-mercials you see on T.V. We have all seen the type. It would not be such a great deal if it was limited to only one product, but over the years I have purchased a great deal of software for personal and business use based on various magazine and online reviews. As a matter of fact, one specific product has never been able to run on any machine I have owned, past or present since its release in 1998, during the course of owning several different system configurations over the years, without crashing during installation or initial product start-up. I am so positive in the statement, that I'll gladly let anyone try the same product providing they return it to me in the same condition it is in when loaned out. Over the years, this blatant over-rating of software, or any merchandise for that matter, has become my pet pieve. To those who have come to read this page and feel insulted, maybe you need to take a closer look in the mirror. I go to bed knowing I presented honest information based on my personal experience. I am welcoming your feedback because I feel I am not the only person who has experienced purchasing software based solely on magazine reviews and later found the product was over-rated in the review. Those who send me their experiences, please indicate if I may reprint the Email after I remove any references to the product name or manufacturer."

Key Benefits

  • Unbiased Product Reviews based on actual product performance and security testing within our test network.
  • When was the last time you bought something from article review alone and found it did not work as stated or constantly failed?
  • Stringent testing for performance bottlenecks, security risks such as buffer overflows, installation and uninstallation bugs, registry keys not removed, and integration within the Operating System.
  • Detailed report of all findings. We can even compare similar products and provide reports for comparison.

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