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The information available on the web is probably the single greatest reason for the Internet popularity. On the other hand, giving full and unrestricted access to employees can very quickly cost you a fortune. For example, lets assume that each employee spends 1 hour per day doing something personal online such as checking and sending personal email, or even worse (these came from various internal audits of clients and are the top 3 waste of company time and money, some are even illegal. Sending personal email was actually much further on the list, but also requires the least amount of time for comparison):

  1. Visiting pornographic sites during company time.
  2. Engaged in public chat rooms or IRC all day visiting with family or online friends they have never met.
  3. Using the companies servers for illegal software trading.

Lets assume these employees all make $20 per hour and you have 100 employees (even numbers, I love simplicity). We can figure that this small cost, as viewed by the employee who only spends 1 hour per day checking email, comes to 20*100*260 (5 day work week * 52 weeks)=$520,000. That is a very substantial and realistic amount of loss for a small company with 100 employees.

You need to be sure that employees' time spent surfing the Web is of constructive use to the business. How is this accomplished? The way to greatly reduce these losses to your company is with a proxy server. Properly configured, a proxy server will only allow traffic to specific sites for specific users and during specific times of the day from within your internal network. A proxy server can eliminate all traffic to sites (web, mail, IRC, and FTP) that does not fall within the companies "Corporate Usage Policy".

Key Services

  • Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade of Proxy Server
  • Create, Review, or Amend Usage Policy
  • Recommendation of rule sets for use by your company

Key Benefits

  • Improves Employee Production
  • Reduces costs to company from employee misuse of company time online
  • Sets acceptable internet usage policy for your companies specific needs.
  • Improves companies available bandwidth by stopping the bandwidth used by employees for personal internet use that should be done at home during their own time.

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