Password Recovery

 Password Recovery has also become a popular service offered by RHP Studios. What kind of passwords can be recovered? To give you and idea, the list includes:

  • BIOS passwords
  • hard drive file & folder access passwords
  • application or software passwords such as Office Documents, Archives, Databases, mail profiles, ETC.
  • forgotten administrative passwords, i.e. root and Administrator plus user passwords

Basically any password protected software, hardware, or application can often have the password extracted by one of our technicians. When would you need this type of service? For example, something happens to an individual and they were the only person with the password, such as an automobile accident or the person changes employment and refuses to answer your calls. Another example is if you are the password creator and actually 'forgot' the password. Any other legitimate and verifiable reason that needs our services, i.e. we won't retrieve the password to a file you are not the owner of regardless of the amount of money you offer to pay us. We will not retrieve the password to anything we cannot gain console access, i.e. we will not retrieve the password to a computer over the internet or other network regardless of the money you offer to pay us. There is one other situation, we will not recover or reset the password to any computer, workstation, server, or laptop in which you do not have verifiable proof of ownership, i.e. we will not recover or reset passwords to stolen computer systems or any computer system in which you do not contain a bill of sales or receipt, again, regardless of the amount of money you offer to pay us. As a matter of fact, if you bring a computer in for our services that we believe is stolen, we will not only NOT fix it but also report you to the authorities.

Key Benefits

  • Forgotten passwords are an everyday occurrence and are very frustrating. We will assist any legitimate reason for password recovery. This will save you time, and frustration.
  • It is popular for terminated or disgruntled employees to refuse giving their employers the passwords to their files. Word of advise is to just let them leave and let them believe they got one over on you. This will keep both parties tempers in check and our password recovery rate is 100%. Give us a call...

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