Network Services

RHP Studios has over 10 years of experience designing, installing, maintaining, and configuration of networks and the services needed to make it most efficient while keeping security in mind from the start.

RHP Studios uses hardware with the highest reliability and dependability from popular manufacturers such as 3Com, SMC., LinkSys, Cisco, and Verilink. We have experience in setting up Private IP LAN connecting to the internet through dial-up or other 24/7 services such as cable modems. We also have experience in linking corporate office locations over long distances (WAN/MAN and VPN) and providing office connectivity to laptop users.

Key Services

  • Designing, Installing, Upgrading, Configuration, and Maintenance of new or existing LAN for use in residential and commercial businesses.
  • Configuration of network services for the most efficient use
  • Heterogeneous Operating System Integration
  • Maintaining security at the highest level in new or existing Networks
  • Administration of new or existing networks
  • Experience in serial, parallel, 10baseT, 100baseTX, and Fiber Optic networks.
  • Bottlenecks or other network problems diagnosed and fixed in existing networks.

Key Benefits

  • Saves you time and frustration by allowing us to review the intended use of the network and configuring it to be the most efficient use of available and existing hardware, software, and resources.
  • Security Implemented from the start.
  • Hardware chosen for your intended growth so that you may expand your network as your services and network grows.
  • Highest quality hardware and software used to reduce downtime and to keep bottlenecks from occurring from lesser quality hardware.
  • Efficient network and maximum uptime means more productivity.

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