Connectivity Services

 This service is for commercial and residential clients or potential clients that are intending on connecting to the Internet or are already on-line.

RHP Studios sees loss, damage, abuse, and misuse happening on a regular basis on both home and commercial networks. What we find is that 99.9% of all these occurrences happens from misconfiguration of systems, software, and services. We find that most private individuals and some administrators are either misinformed about the current state of computer or network security, maybe they simply don't care, they feel that they will never be 'cracked' or that their current and usually outdated security measures will never be breached, or they simply do not have the time and money to research, upgrade, and harden their current systems and network services that may have quickly grown from a few systems to several hundred.

RHP Studios has extensive experience in the IT Security field and can assess your systems and networks use and configuration to offer you the best and most secure products and services that are appropriately configured with security in mind for your specific needs while still maintaining functionality.

Note: The only 100% secure computer is turned off, unplugged from its electrical source, contains no data, and is never used.

Key Services

  • OS, Firewall, VPN, and Proxy Consultants
  • Server & Workstation Installations, Upgrades, & Configurations (web, mail, FTP)
  • System Hardening (updates, patches, removing unnecessary services and software)
  • Risk Assessment & Analysis (how secure are you?)
  • Security Policy Review, Modification, or Creation
  • Script Analysis (network configuration, web, ETC.)
  • Whitehat & Blackhat Remote & Internal Penetration Testing

Key Benefits

  • Systems and Networks performance increases when properly configured and maintained.
  • Your employees can do their job more efficiently with the performance increases from software, operating systems, applications, and hardware that are always up to date with service packs and patches so that you do not have to worry about finding the funding and man power to install such updates and patches.
  • RHP Studios designs, installs, upgrades, configures, and maintains your systems and networks with security, functionality, and dependability in mind from day 1.
  • RHP Studios personal are trained and certified in the respective fields insuring you get the best possible consultants and specialist available.

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