Internet Connection - LAN or Network

RHP Studios offers a full suit of commercial and residential Internet Connection, Security Planning, and Strategy services based on your individual needs.

Firewall Setup and Management

We offer custom firewall installation, configuration, and setup based on the services you need, plus continued management.

Proxy Setup and Management

Do you have or need a proxy server? We can install, configure, and manage your proxy server and services.

Network - Installation, Management, Upgrades, & Repairs

We can design, build, install, and manage your Networking from the ground up with security in mind. We also offer upgrades and repairs to existing Networks.

Computer System - Builds, Upgrades, & Repairs

We offer complete computer systems, Workstations and Servers, running Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, Irix, MacIntosh, and the BSD's plus upgrades and repairs.

Penetration Testing and Network Audits

Do you wonder if your network or computers are secure? Do you have a problem with 'crackers' or 'script kiddies' accessing your system or its files? Do you have someone inside running services or applications they shouldn't be running? Let RHP Studios Test, Configure, and Harden your Network and Computers against these problems.


Nobody wants an unauthorized system access or security breach. Fact is, it happens more often than it should. The most important information needed for catching and prosecuting the offender is often left behind, but it must be collected without disturbing the evidence or the file system. The best use of forensics, is learning! You can use forensics to ascertain the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" a system was compromised and then take the necessary steps to circumvent the compromise in the future.

Risk Analysis and Assessment

Confused about which updates need performed to your production systems?  What financial impact will installing or not installing an update have on your production servers and workstations? Will installing an update break something else and leave it vulnerable? Will you need to update another software package due to an update to the operating system? Where are your backups stored? Where and how will you operate your business in the event of a disaster?

Data & Disaster Recovery

Crashed hard drive or accidently deleted a file or partition? No UPS when the power went out...

Password Recovery

We have seen an increase in companies password protecting sensitive data such as files, databases, system BIOS, ETC. This is great, but what happens if the administrator or creator of that data mysteriously quits, without leaving you the password? What happens if the company does not implement encryption in a way so that files can be unlocked in the event of a lost or forgotten password or when an employee leaves the company?

Software & Hardware Research and Documentation

We provide software and hardware research and documentation to insure the hardware or software passes our stringent testing environment. We test against such common bugs as Buffer Overflows, Default Password...

Web Site and Application Programming

We offer a full line of web and custom application programming.

Web Site Hosting & Designs

We offer web hosting and web site designs. We use our own Linux & FreeBSD servers. We can customize our hosting packages based on your needs.

Internet Dial-up Service

We offer Internet Dial-up service.


Multimedia and Graphics

We have a complete digital studio, offering Analog and Digital recording of both audio and video, editing, and conversions of live music to CD or tape. We can mix-down unfinished DAT tapes, or low volume pressing of audio CD for which you have the copyright. We can design multimedia presentations for your clients and employee training. We offer custom digital video recording & editing, plus we offer analog video to digital format conversions for web and home theater. Our photographers can also take still pictures and images, or convert your existing images to digital format for web or home photo albums. We offer custom graphics for web, brochure, and other advertising use. Let us take your graphics ideas to a whole new artistic level for use as corporate or company logos or that ultimate web page layout. RHP Studios uses Fostex, Behringer, and Shure Analog and Digital Equipment exclusively in our sound/video studio.

RHP Studios has recently added a Xerox Tektronix Phaser 850 printer, one of the highest quality color printers on the market. We can now do photo enlargements and other custom printing needs.

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