Computer & Network Forensics

 Digital Forensics seems to be an ever increasing popular request. Foresic Science is used primarily in law enforcement agencies. RHP Studios does not claim to be in law enforcement, but we have the skills necessary to help with any type of investigation that requires data to be analyzed.

RHP Studios has the tools required to analyze a breached system, even when all accounts appear to be locked out or changed. We will also work to recover the vital data, reinstall the operating system, and harden the system to prevent this from happening again. RHP Studios can often determine which files have been modified through data analysis and retrieve those files which are known to be intact.

RHP Studios insures client confidentiality in all aspects of our work, therefore limiting damage to our clients credibility from a security breach.

Key Benefits

  • Client Confidentiality
  • Recovery of vital data.
  • An investigation always pinpoints how the intruders got in. This identifies the misconfiguration or vulnerability, making it a simple matter to repair.
  • Though it seems very obscure, a security breach can be a learning experience when it does happen.

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