Data & Disaster Recovery

 RHP Studios can provide Data and Disaster Recovery caused by failed backups, hard drives, loss of power, and other causes. We can also restore systems that are unable to boot due to damaged Master Boot Records, damaged File Allocation Tables, or Partition Tables that have been changed by virus or inadvertently deleted by format, FDISK, and other similar utilities.

Most people see a deleted or corrupt file as something that can be restored from backup. But what happens when the backup is also defective or the file is also corrupt on the backup. With a good success rate, almost all files can be recovered intact caused by deletion, repartitioning a hard drive, failed hard drives or data loss caused by power loss. Even corrupt files can sometimes have the necessary data needed to restore the file. If data recovery is something you need, call us as soon as you realize there is a problem. The data becomes harder to recover the longer you wait to recover the data or the more you let the system write files to the disk or backup media.

Key Benefits

  • Saves time and money when successful
  • Recovery rate is high
  • even completely dead drives can have the data removed.

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