Computer System Services

RHP Studios offers a full line of computer hardware and software that allows us to build workstations and servers from the ground up or repair and upgrade existing systems. We use the highest quality parts that are matched to its intended use and operating system.

Our custom built Workstations and Servers DO cost more than store bought systems. On the other hand, our workstations and servers are built to your exact specifications with the software you intend on using. We use only the highest quality hardware for durability and stability. Which would you rather have?

  1. A mass produced system that uses lesser quality hardware but comes with $1,000 worth of software you will likely never use and consumes a large part of your hard drive.
  2. A system built to your exact specifications including hardware and software that you need with tech support you can call or visit in person, built by a company who wants your repeat business and will do whatever is necessary to keep our clients happy? Lets face it, without our clients we wouldn't exist.
I'm personally the type of consumer that if it requires me to have to choke someone to get my point across, then so be it. Wouldn't you like to have that choice too? So now you are thinking, "these people are nuts". No, not at all but we place our reputation on the line with everything we sell so it must pass our stringent testing before we will use it. After all, we don't want you to feel like you have to resort to violence to make us understand. If you ever do feel that way, we want to know about it! Remember, You are our customer, the entire reason we exist and we want YOU to be happy at all costs!!

RHP Studios encourages you to shop around and make a wise purchasing decision in your computer systems. Call us or stop any time and ask any questions you may have. We will gladly give you a price quote on the specifications you need for your ideal home theater or gaming system, or even your company network upgrade consisting of multiple servers and workstations. Tell us what competitors products you have examined that meets your needs, and then let us show you a comparison between their systems and ours. While you are at it, ask us for a product guide and ask our competitors to evaluate our products for the same comparison. We will leave the final decisions up to you based on both educated comparisons.

Key Services

  • Home Multimedia, Business Workstation and Server builds
  • Upgrades and Repairs
  • On site Installation and Service - if we sell it, we back it too! Downtime is never an option, if we cannot fix it the same day, we give you a loaner to use until it is fixed.
  • Used Systems bought, sold, and allowed as trade-ins on new systems

Key Benefits

  • Highest Quality parts used to insure longevity and durability
  • Our systems cost more!!!
  • Longer lasting systems that includes same day tech support, the way its supposed to be.
  • Our systems do not have limited 90 day or 1 year warranties. Our systems are custom built piece by piece. If a component includes 3 years of warranty, you receive 3 years of warranty.
  • Hardware and Software matched for improved performance and for the operating system you plan on using.
  • Windows or Linux Operating Systems (installed dual boot by request) for home users. Commercial Systems come with operating system of their choice preconfigured to work with their existing network (true plug it in and work), installed on site by our technicians and preconfigured with the highest level of security.
  • Extended Service Contracts - all our systems include the full manufacturers warranty for the products we use. We will sell extended service contracts that will extend their warranty period for the length of time you chose, even if the manufacturer does not offer extended warranty periods.

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