RHPSecure - Keeping Your Data Safe!

RHPSecure is a total network security solutions package for small and large businesses based on years of research and development in the network and computer security field. RHPSecure provides stateful firewall, packet routing, virus protection, intrusion detection, and automatic updates with its basic configuration.

RHPSecure is further customized based on the individual client needs. RHPSecure can be used on a heterogenious network as a File Server, Mail Server, Content Filter, Web Server, VPN Server, SSH Server, Gateway/Proxy Server, DHCP Server, DNS Server. There are currently no known limitations in which RHPSecure can be used.

RHPSecure is based on the Linux Operating System Kernel and built from the ground up using prestine source code. The source code is further modified and performance tuned for the type of services or server in which RHPSecure will be used.

RHPSecure Servers are built using premium hardware components manufactured by a select few companies that are known for their reliability in a server class computer. We have thoroughly tested these products for performance and durability. Our servers are built to last a lifetime, providing the same dependability and protection you expect.

Please send email to RHPSecure to request more information. You may speak directly to one of our associates by calling one of the numbers listed in on our contact page.