Press Release 10/01/02


International Who's Who Historical Society

RHP Studios owner, Edward Wiget, is inducted into the International Who's Who Historical Society.

10/01/02 -- A certificate and plaque were presented, along with a welcome package to Edward Wiget from the International Who's Who Historical Society for inclusion in the 2003 membership.

From Edward Wiget - - Its hard to write a document about I'll just leave a link to the International Who's Who Historical Society FAQ page so that you can find out who they are and what the members represent.

"RHP Studios is a network security solutions provider that offers a broad range of consultation services. Situated in Maysville, Kentucky, the company engages in in-depth research and development in an effort to provide its customers with breakthrough network security solutions. Founded in 1995, RHP Studios consults clients on innovative ways to utilize and manage network security efficiently and effectively. As owner of RHP Studios, Mr. Wiget oversees a host of operations including elements of management, audit, consultation, assessment, and research. Capitalizing on his keen business savvy, he coordinates and orchestrates the performances of several employees and subcontractors, establishes managerial infrastructures for companies, and develops ways to increase and substantiate capital gain for RHP Studios. In the future, he plans to restructure RHP Studios through growth and expansion to make it the #1 company in the Information Technology, Information Security industry. Mr. Wiget enjoys computers, music, networking, programming, and serving as president of the Maysville Linux Users Group in his spare time."

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