Press Release 10/01/00


RHP Studios Online Web Site

RHP Studios Web Site product section updated, employment section updated, and various grammatical errors fixed.

10/01/00 -- RHP Studios has updated their product section to generally reflect the types of products we carry. This section will be updated more in the near future as we come closer to the grand opening of our new office locations and storefront in Maysville, KY. Our products section currently does not offer online ordering, but we may implement this if our customers wish. Also, product images have not been added but this will change in the very near future.

RHP Studios has several employment opportunities available and have posted these openings on our web site in order to offer these positions to a greater audience. Please see our employment section for more information.

RHP Studios has made an attempt to fix all grammatical errors on our web pages. RHP Studios realizes our visitors first impressions reflect upon RHP Studios business as a whole. Although we try to publish our web pages without grammatical errors, some still manage to slip through. If you should happen to see something that is not grammatically correct, please bring it to our web masters attention so that we may get it fixed immediately.

RHP Studios encourages visitors to contact us with any requests for information they would like to see, or any comments visitors have that would help make YOUR stay at RHP Studios web site more enjoyable. Please make these requests to any of our employees on our Contact page or via our web master.

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