Press Release 09/17/99


RHP Studios Training

RHP Studios receives Windows NT Server Certification

09/17/99 -- Ed Wiget of RHP Studios receives Windows NT Administrator Certification from Tekmetrics. Tekmetrics had their name changed to Brainbench in December, 1999. Tekmetrics is a leading provider of on-line certifications for IT Professionals and computer users. They offer assessment and certification in over 46 categories. They also keeps an on-line statistics page to show how many tests have been taken, how many certifications issued, and how many masters certifications were issued. They also list the test statistics by country and average passing score. Ed Wiget ranks in the top scores for NT Server Administrators Certification in the Kentucky Demographics.

RHP Studios is determined to offer our clients the best possible support and services. We will continue with training and certifications to insure we stay up to date as technology advances into the millennium.

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