Press Release 08/21/00


RHP Studios Online Web Site

RHP Studios Web Site is going through major enhancements.

08/21/00 -- RHP Studios is revamping their web site to further enhance the type of information and services which are available. RHP Studios will be adding up to the minute security related information for Clients, Networks & System Administrators, and residential computer users. The information will be provided in a straight-forward, clear, and non-technical fashion. RHP Studios supports and encourages "Full Disclosure" in all Network Security related topics and fields.

RHP Studios will also be adding in the very near future features that have been requested by clients such as "Online General Help-Desk".

RHP Studios will also be adding material for the general public to help solve everyday problems encountered with Windows (9x, NT4, NT2K), Unix, Linux, and Solaris Operating Systems. We will also be adding content to help solve common problems encountered for various applications such as Outlook, I.E., Netscape, Office 97/2K, and StarOffice.

RHP Studios encourages visitors to contact us with any requests for information they would like to see, or any comments visitors have that would help make YOUR stay at RHP Studios web site more enjoyable.

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