Press Release 03/20/01


Major Updates

RHP Studios has added more content and updated web pages.

03/20/01 -- Several area of the web site have been updated. We are still in the process of restoring all content with the "new look" of RHP Studios web site. Previously, RHP Studios web site consisted of a basic business information web site with a lot of hidden information for IT/IS professionals who knew where to look. We have been extremely busy in getting this information available for viewing by all visitors.

The areas receiving substantial updates include the IS/IT Advisories section with over 20 new vulnerabilities added since March 04, News, and the Windows 9X sub-section in the General Sections. Under the IS/IT Security sections, we updated the Virus News. We have many more updates coming soon!!

One of the most important updates we have been completing revolves around the web sites ease of maintenance. A web site containing as much information that is available at RHP Studios becomes harder and harder to manage over time. As the web site grows, it very quickly can occupy several thousand links. We have begun a trial of modularized web design, or using components. We have tried several of the commercial and opened-source software available for both Linux (our preferred OS) and Windows (we still have 1 left for business usage outside of our test network), and we are still searching. I am begging Adobe to please develop Golive/Cyberstudio for Linux' use! This is the software I'm familiar with and the hardest to wein myself of using, but please do me another favor too....fix the component problem that the Windows version contains. This bug actually costs a web designer more time in fixing the mistakes. The way components are supposed to work is to create a component on one page that is used on many pages, stealing a quote from Sun Microsoystems--write once, run everywhere. The problem I have found is when you update this one component, it updates all pages, the way its designed but with one flaw: it actually rewrites the code on every page and more often than not it pushes everything out of alignment. To fix it, you must manually re-edit and align every component all over again. Guess its back to writing pages with a text editor!!

Thank YOU for YOUR time!!!!

Ed Wiget

RHP Studios

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