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Weekly Windows 9x Tips

Get Rid of Password at Login

Personally, I had to give this a lot of thought before posting this on the web site. This is one of those questions as a system administrator that brings immediate "red flags" to mind in the security implications that surrounds disabling password at login. Its a question I'm frequently asked, and I'll leave it up to your own judgment whether your login requires a user name and password. My best recommendation guidelines follows: if you are the only person who uses your computer, and its not connected to a LAN or high speed network (cable, DSL, ISDN, ETC.), and you don't care if anyone can see what is on your computer....then by all means, save the two seconds it takes to press cancel and disable password login.

Step by step - how to get rid of the Windows password every time you start your computer. If you're the only user, having to press Cancel every time your computer starts is a real pain. Fortunately, it's easy to turn off the Windows password. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel and open the Passwords icon. Then click the Change Passwords tab and click the Change Windows Password button. Make sure all three fields are completely blank and click the OK button to save changes.

Logging on to a Domain from Windows 95/98

Most environments that have a Windows NT domain also have users that use either Windows 95 or Windows 98. In many cases it is critical to configure these machines to log on to the domain. To do so, go to the Network applet in the Control Panel folder. Select the properties for the Client for Microsoft Networks. Here you can set the domain name that you will log on to. Also, from the main Network applet window, select the tab called Identification and enter the domain name in the Workgroup field. The step above that disables a password at login will break logging into a domain, you must use a user name and password to log onto a domain!

Accessing the Start Menu without a Windows Hot key

Some laptops don't come with the useful Windows key--a space-saving tactic, no doubt. Just because you don't have a Windows key doesn't mean you can't access the Start menu from the keyboard. Just press Ctrl-Esc and the Start menu springs up, same as if you'd pressed the Windows key. Note: to see how to move around the computer without a mouse, see last weeks tip on the TAB, Enter, and Arrow Keys.

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