This is our Windows 9x information page containing tips, tricks, and links along with other information we find of value to our visitors and clients. You may find everyday problems answered concerning Windows Operating Systems. You may take this link to our IS/IT Security Information pages if this is the section you are looking for.

Windows 9x Tips

Getting to Windows folder using Run command

If you're the type of user who regularly tinkers in his or her Windows file, you know what a pain it is navigating to the Windows folder via the mouse. Well, using the Run dialog box, there's a lightning-fast way to open the Windows folder. Go to Start, Run. Type


(that's two periods) in the Open box and click OK. The Windows folder pops open for you instantly.

Add a desktop shortcut to your start menu

This tip can help un-clutter your desktop. If you have a shortcut on your desktop that you'd like to add to your Programs menu in a hurry, you can drag and drop it to the Programs menu directly. Just grab it, hold it over the Start button until it opens, then go to programs, and drop the shortcut into in the Programs menu. This will create a copy in the Programs menu, so your original icon is still on the desktop.

A shortcut for Windows Explorer

On those occasions when you have to open the Windows Explorer, you don't have to go to Start, Programs to get there. You can just press Windows Key-E to open Explorer at any time.

Clearing the way for drag and drop

Have you ever grabbed something and started dragging it only to find that your destination is obscured by an open window? Here's a little trick that will help in these situations. Continue to hold the item you're dragging, and move it over your system tray. Keep it still for a second or two, and every open window automatically minimizes, leaving you an open desktop.

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