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Latest News Articles Related to Viruses, Trojans, & Worms

March 6, 2001

Central Command, a leading provider of PC anti-virus software and computer security services, and its partners today announced the discovery of I-Worm.Naked.A an Internet worm that pretends to be a Macromedia Flash movie of a naked woman.

The worm has the following characteristics:

Name : I-Worm.Naked.A

Aliases : W32.Naked.A, W32.HLLW.JibJab

Detection added: March 6, 2001

Spread method: Microsoft Outlook Address Book.

This worm is spreading thru email. The email arrives looking like the following:

Subject: Fw: Naked Wife

Message: > My wife never look like that ;-)

Best Regards,

-->username here

Attachment: Nakedwife.exe

Today we have received dozens of inquires about this worm, our Emergency Virus Response Team has added detection and removal to AVX Professional and the free AVX Online scanner to assist all infected users with detection and removal, said Steven Sundermeier, Product Manager at Central Command Inc.

This Internet worm closely resembles I-Worm.Myba. However, with a much more destructive payload, computer users should beware of the consequences of watching the false video. concluded Sundermeier.

January 18, 2001

February 22, 2001


Two new Loveletter virus variants have appeared over the weekend, but antivirus companies appear to be divided on what level of importance to attach to their arrival. While F-Secure issued a high-level alert to subscribers of its Radar IT security alerting service early this morning, Kaspersky Lab said that the rash of warnings about Loveletter virus variants "are simply a form of virus hysteria."


Variants of a virus capitalizing on the popularity of Anna Kournikova failed to add momentum to the worm's spread Monday. "I think it is under control at this point," said Vincent Gullotto, director of security software maker Network Associates' antivirus emergency response team. "It had the potential to become Love Letter-ish, but because we and others had protection, it failed to spread too quickly.",4586,2684871,00.html


Eric Chien, chief researcher at Symantec, explained that the virus was actually created with a virus writing kit, known as Vbs Worms Generator 1.50b, which is readily available on the internet.


A man from the Netherlands has admitted to writing and distributing the virulent but short-lived "AnnaKournikova" e-mail worm. He also says he regrets it and vows never to write another one again. He has put up a website where he admits to authoring the worm, and also tells why he did it. The worm's writer, who goes by the name "OnTheFly," writes on the site that he didn't create the worm just "for fun." Instead, he says he did it to prove that people had not learned anything from previous e-mail worms.,1282,41782,00.html

KOURNIKOVA CORNUCOPIA's Rob Rosenberger did a great rant on the whole situation regarding the Anna Kournikova worm.


Dutch privacy laws prevent local authorities from releasing the identity of the author of the "Onthefly" email worm, but an investigation by InternetNews Radio reveals all roads lead to the Anna Kournikova fan Web site of Jan Dewit.,,10_589521,00.html


A Valentine's Day virus, called VBS.Satanik.Child, has been reported by Aladdin Knowledge Systems. The statement described the bug as a VB Script vandal embedded inside HTML formatted e-mail, which introduces a new type of threat compared to the recently launched Anna Kournikova vandal. The authors identity has not been revealed, but the author of the computer worm and self-confessed fan of Anna Kournikova uses the pseudonym "OnTheFly".,56196,.shtml


Trend Micro Inc., a leading provider of network antivirus and content security for the Internet age, today announced the availability of free antivirus software for the most popular handheld mobile and wireless device platforms, including Palm OS, Windows CE, and Symbian EPOC. Based on Trend Micro's award-winning PC-cillin desktop antivirus software, PC-cillin for Wireless resides on Palm OS, Pocket PC (Windows CE), and EPOC handheld devices to protect users from potentially malicious code including viruses, scripts, Trojan horses, and worms. Devices are susceptible to these threats whenever users receive email, browse the Web, or receive information via beaming and synching.,36531,.shtml

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