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Problem: My computer is doing ______________________. Can you tell me what is wrong with it or why it is doing this over the phone?

Solution: RHP Studios values its customers and clients. Some problems can be determined and corrected over the phone, most can not be determined or corrected without performing extended diagnostics. The solution is to bring the system to us, or call us for On-Site Service so we can accurately determine the problem and provide a positive fix.

Problem: I purchased my computer from _______________ and it did not come with repair disks or an operating system disks. I had to format my hard drive and don't have a way to reinstall the operating system or I purchased new hardware and it is asking for the system disks. Can you do this?

Solution: There are various solutions depending on your exact circumstances. RHP Studios assumes you own the operating system for the computers you bring to us for repair or that we service On-Site. We do not require proof that you own the operating system unless you format the hard drive. If you have formatted the hard drive and do not have a repair disk or operating system disk.....you are asking us to break the law. All systems sold by RHP Studios include a valid and licensed operating system! If you purchased a used computer that did not come with system disks, I hate to say it but you often get what you pay for. If we subtracted $180 or more dollars from every system we built or sold, our prices would be as low as some of our competitors too. We sell all popular software and operating systems, plus license upgrades in our store with free installation. We offer FREE Open Source software as an alternative to proprietary software. We also provide incentives to include your system disks with a trade-in, allowing premium prices for trade-in if you include the original system disks.

Problem: Modem does not dial out, reports that it can not obtain a dial tone, or phones have stopped working right after a thunderstorm.

Solution: More than likely, you have received a voltage spike or surge through your phone line during the thunderstorm. The actual solution to the problem can only be determined by a qualified technician.

Problem: Windows 98 locks up during shutdown and does not display the "It is now safe to power down" message.

Solution: This is likely a problem common in Windows 98 and there was a patch issued to correct this. IT can also be caused by other reasons. It requires a technician to diagnose the problem completely.

Problem: Windows 9x/NT becomes unresponsive after the screen saver is activated.

Solution: This is a common problem with APM (Advanced Power Management). Try to disable APM. If the problem still occurs, have a technician diagnose the problem.

Problem: Everytime I connect to the Internet, I get disconnected.

Solution: This can be caused by a lot of various problems. The most common is usually "Line Static" in the phone line, usually indicated by a lower connection speed. If it happens regularly, try to temporarily disconnect all telephones and answering machines from all inside telephone jacks. Try to connect to the internet again. If the probem is corrected, you have something wrong with one of the phone lines disconnected, the telephones, or answering machine. If the problem still occurs, you could have a problem with internal wiring to the phone jack, external wiring, your modem, your system files, or your ISP. The next step is to have the phone company perform a line noise check.

Problem: Outlook Express or Outlook says your password is not correct when you try to open it.

Solution: Click on Start, select Log Off, check and make sure the CAPS LOCK is not enabled and log back in using your user name and password. If that still doesn't work, repeat the same steps and make sure that CAPS LOCK is enabled and log back in with your user name and password.

WHY - This is usually found to happen on Windows 9x (95, 98, 98SE --more noticeably on 98/98SE with Family Login or Multiple Users). What happens is this, you have a login prompt, and the user name is already selected for the last person to have logged out was you, the cursor sits on the password line. You type your password and either the CAPS LOCK key is on or off (the opposite of what it should be) and press enter and log in. Windows 98/98SE passwords are not case sensitive to log in. In other words, if your password is BillyJoe (please don't use something this easy to guess), you will successfully log in with either BillyJoe or billyjOE or any combination of those letters upper and lowercase in the correct order. This will get you to the desktop, but not allow you to check your email which requires the correct password of BJoe.

Problem: My cable modem lights send and receive are flashing but I am not online, or even near the computer.

Solution: Something is communicating with your computer. It is up to you to determine what that something is. If your screensaver is on, move the mouse. Is Outlook or your web browser opened? If you can not determine what is communicating with your computer, you may want to call us--see the WHY below.

WHY?? - Something is communicating with your computer. What that something is could be as simple as your email left open and set to check email at a predetermined time interval, 10 minutes by default for Outlook. It could be Internet Explorer, Netscape, or another web browser left open on a page that does "in-line" advertising with banners. It could be something as drastic as a backdoor Trojan. We do not work for the cable company, or for the persons responsible for the cable internet network....but If I had a dime for every phone call I received asking this one question....I could have retired a long time ago. We will help you determine what is causing this. We suggest if Outlook is not opened, or your web browser, or some other program such as your antivirus software updating itself....you need to call us and immediately unplug the cable from your ethernet card or power down the cable modem and then call us. You may also call the cable company or their technical support for assistance.

Problem: My firewall shows that "insert ip address here" is trying to access "insert service here" on "insert port number here". Another common question is, "why is "insert port number here" used for and why is "insert ip address here" trying to use it"?

Solution: This will be broken down into two seperate but equally important solutions, use them both!!

1 - Never run services not needed or used. Services include such things as File Sharing, Printer Sharing, FTP Servers, Web Servers (including Microsoft Personal Web Server), DNS, SSH, or any remote administration software such as PC Anywhere, Timbuktu, ETC. SSH is listed because of recently released exploits for most common versions. SSH would normally be the only acceptable form of remote administration! Other types of remote administration software, such as those mentioned, send user names and passwords in clear text....very unsafe.

2 - Never allow access to something you are not familiar with. For example, if your firewall asks you to allow or disallow traffic to your computer and you do not know why, then don't allow it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

WHY?? - More than likely, you are recieving incoming traffic caused by random scans from a "script kiddie" or from some other person looking for common vulnerabilities via mass scanning subnets or IP addresses. You could have a trojan on your system creating traffic outbound. A real "cracker/hacker" would not be so noisy, or alert you to their attempts, when trying to break into your computer!

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