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Latest News Articles Related to Defaced Web Sites

    Attrition Org is THE place to see the latest in web site defacements. They have one of the largest, if not 'the' largest, collections on the net.


    The year 2000 saw Windows NT steaming ahead yet again as the most hacked web server operating system, after a majority of defaced pages were found to be sitting on compromised NT boxes. As NT is one of the most popular options for web servers, it appears that it is attacked most, however a number of companies running web sites on variations of Linux also suffered the embarrassment of defacement.


    "Over year 2000, recorded over 5800 defacements, over 2000 more defacements than recorded in 1999. Where did all of these defacements come from? Did any Top Level Domains manage to reduce their share of defacements over the last year in what can only be described as a harsh environment? The answers surprised me. I didn't expect to see Brazil leading those countries with gains, or the U.S. military heading the list of those TLDs to reduce their absolute share of defacements."


    A security guard is believed to have hacked his way into computer networks at the Bradwell nuclear reactor in Essex near London and to have altered and deleted information.


    Britain's biggest chemist had its corporate Web site attacked this morning by a poet. Instead of the usual corporate nonsense, the 534-word poem left behind by 'Mentor' tells of the angst of a teenage hacker - but also the personal discovery of computer crime. Called The Conscience of a Hacker, there is a deliciously dark undercurrent that shines a light on teenage angst in a digital generation.


    Jerome T. Heckenkamp, 21, is charged in a 16-count indictment with unauthorized access into computers. Acting under the handle MagicFX and Magic, Heckenkamp defaced in 1999. He also allegedly broke into computers at Exodus Communications Inc., Juniper Networks Inc., and Lycos Inc.,4586,2673501,00.html