Latest News Articles Related to Defaced Web Sites

Note: the links provided on this page are not an accurate reflection of the total amount of web sites defaced. These links are only the web sites that have made headline news and do not account for the thousands of personal computers that have likely been compromised daily.

February 10, 2001 through February 22, 2001

Date Domain Defaced
02/10/2001 SecureNet BR Link
02/11/2001 Asia-Pacific Service Network Link
02/11/2001 CompUSA Inc. Link
02/11/2001 Pinnacle Communications Link
02/11/2001 Gateway 2000, Inc. Link
02/12/2001 British Columbia Courts Link
02/13/2001 Intel Corporation Link
02/13/2001 Walt Disney Company: Go.Com Link
02/14/2001 Linux Mania Link
02/14/2001 Hewlett-Packard Company Link
02/14/2001 AltaVista Company Link
02/14/2001 Compaq Computer Corporation Link
02/15/2001 Software Patent Institute Link
02/15/2001 The New York Times Company Link
02/17/2001 Fuji Film Link
02/17/2001 Zavod za zaposlovanje Republike Slovenije Link
02/17/2001 Iomega Corp. Link
02/18/2001 Financial Institutions Commission Homepage Link
02/18/2001 Comite International Olympique Link
02/18/2001 Idaho State Government Link
02/18/2001 Hewlett-Packard Company Link

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