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RHP Studios will post any available employment positions on this web page. RHP Studios is an ever expanding and growing company serving the Tri-state (OH, IN, KY) area with cutting edge technologies in Web, E-Commerce, Networks, and Applications. We also have clients as far west as California, as far North as Canada, and as far south as Florida. We offer our clients a "One Stop Shop" for all computing needs. We are always looking for individuals to fill our current and future employment vacancies who meet our hiring requirements as Computer Technicians, Network Technicians, Programmers (web and applications), Digital Graphics Artist, Digital Photographers/Videographers, System Administrators, Security Consultants, General Consultants, Help Desk, and Office Personnel.

Anyone may apply for current positions posted at this web page or for any vacancies that may arise in the future. RHP Studios is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates for available employment positions will always be filled from within RHP Studios first and any available positions remaining will then be chosen from those who have been employed on a temporary basis. Any remaining positions not filled will be chosen from submitted applications and resume' either online or by slow-mail.

Temporary positions may also be needed and may be filled as "contract" work or temporary employment. If you would like to be considered for temporary positions, please indicate on your application/resume. Full-time positions will be available to those who have worked as temporary employees if the temporary employees qualifications indicate they are a successful candidate for the job. Open positions are always filled from within if possible.

RHP Studios does not discriminate against race, religion, age, sex, ethnic background, or handicap. All employees of RHP Studios are required to be certified in their respective fields. Employees will be hired based on certifications, previous experience, and willingness to succeed in their respective positions while delivering the highest quality of work. RHP Studios may ask candidates to take a pre-employment qualifications test prior to being employed.

Positions Currently Available

  1. July 23, 2004 - Office Manager / Secretary - responsibilities include answering phone, taking messages, working with clients, entering AP/AR, Scheduling Service Calls and Meetings, Typing, sales or IT experience helpful but not required.

Our Employees

Ed Wiget - Public Key

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